Inner Wild Voice Studio

While there are many voice studios out there, Inner Wild Voice Studio attempts to offer the most holistic experience in private lessons. My approach to singing is rooted in creating an intimate relationship with the body as a vocalist's instrument as well as creating fierce performers. Singing is a full mind, body and soul engagement and the best performers are housed in healthy, strong bodies. My studio practices techniques found in yoga, Alexander Technique and classical voice sensibilities to grow singers capable of performing within any genre of music. Students will work on the following: breathing, ear training, intonation, tone, vocal placement, relaxation, strength and vocal power, agility, genre style, diction and vowels as well as repertoire, song interpretation and artistry. My goal is to create not only powerful singers but unique musical artists and musical theatre performers who stand out from the crowd.


T U I T I O N   R A T E S

 Discounted Monthly Subscriptions:

Students enrolled in the monthly subscription receive discounts on lessons and a reserved weekly lesson time slot.

  • $320 // Four 60 minute lessons 

  • $260 // Four 45 minute lessons

Pay As You Go Lessons:  

  • $90 // 60-minute lesson  
  • $75 // 45-minute lesson  
  • $60 // 30-minute lesson (technique only)

Policies //

View Kristina's availability and conveniently book lessons through the booking page. Lessons can be rescheduled or canceled with a 24-hour notice. Lessons that have not been rescheduled or canceled by the 24-hour term will be forfeit. The time allotted for your lesson is to ensure there is sufficient time to assist with your learning and is reserved for you. Arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment may result in the appointment being forfeited and may be counted as a "No-Show." 

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